Mount Everest Award

The aim of this Award is to recognize outstanding activators of GMA and SOTA programs.


The goal is to activate as many different summits during a 365-day period so that the sum of their height reaches 17696 meters. This is twice of the heigth of Mt Everest, the total height difference ascending and descending it.

All summits listed in the respective program are eligible for the award. General rules are to be considered for the activation conditions. All activations must be uploaded into the respective program's database.

To claim the Award send the list of references of activated summits together with your personal data (name, callsign, starting and ending dates, postal address) to the address below. Claims can be submitted both via post or electronically.

Only activations carried out after 1st May, 2007 count for the Award.

The cost of the Award is 7 euro if requested in paper form. Awards issued in electronic form (sent as PDF) are free of charge.

Award manager:

	Donáczy Gábor, HA1DTQ
	H-8900 Zalaegerszeg
	Vorhota u. 17/a


Last change: 2015-05-28